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About Us


Everybody loves a good cake. 

For Tanya Montgomery, the driving force behind Edible Image Supplies, cake has always been more than just flour, butter and sugar. A special chocolate cake recipe, passed on from Tanya’s Nanna to her mother, and now lovingly cooked with her own young daughter Grace, is what baking is all about.

Making memories, bringing people together and helping to commemorate those important milestones in life, is the essence of Edible Image Supplies. And of course, creating really amazing looking sweet treats!

Edible Image Supplies is Australia’s (Australasia’s) leading and most trusted supplier of edible ink printers and associated products. With a commitment to providing competitively priced quality products and second to none service that lasts well beyond the initial purchase, every baker, from novice to professional, will be amazed by what Edible Image Supplies can do to their creations.

Edible Image Supplies stock unique equipment to bring wow factor to the baking, cake, cupcake and cookie decoration industries. Our products can also be used by the candy and chocolate making trades to really enhance their final products.

In Newcastle in the Hunter Region of New South Wales, Edible Image Supplies is a trusted supplier to professional cake decorators, as well as to beginners, home bakers and small businesses producing customized edible printing throughout Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Papua New Guinea. 

With Edible Image Supplies superior and easy to use products, you can increase your business and improve your products with customised edible printing or just create beautiful and unique edible creations for family and friends to enjoy.

Edible Image Supplies allows you to Imagine. Print. Create.