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Welcome to our new Loyalty Rewards Program!

Here at Edible we highly value our customer base and are excited to introduce our new rewards system, designed to reward you with special discounts throughout the year.

How to Join?

Signing up is super easy. When you create a new account on our website you will be automatically signed up for out loyalty program and rewarded with a bonus starting 500 points ready to use!

How do I earn more points?

With every purchase you make on our website every $1 spent = 1 point gained. you can also earn points by a number of different actions below:

  1. Referral (500 Points) - Invite your friends and get rewards when they make a purchase.
  2. Share (250 Points) - Share on Facebook to earn points.
  3. Subscribe to our mailing list (1000 Points) - Join our mailing list to get a a whopping 1000 points.

How do I redeem points?

You can redeem your points through our coupon system:

  • Redeem $5 off coupon for 500 points
  • Redeem $10 off coupon for 1000 points
  • Redeem $15 off coupon for 1500 points
  • Redeem $20 off coupon for 2000 points