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Cake Crumbs with Melissa Edworthy from Custom Cookies by Melissa

Cake Crumbs with Melissa Edworthy from Custom Cookies by Melissa

Posted by Nicole Tait on 25th Jun 2024

What started with baking cookies for her daughter’s 8th birthday, quickly turned into a business for Melissa Edworthy, the creator of Custom Cookies by Melissa, thanks to rave reviews and support from friends. Melissa shares how this venture boosted her confidence and allowed her to balance work and family. She also discusses her new edible ink printer, which has expanded her stunning cookie offerings and attracted corporate clients. 

1. Can you tell us how your cookie business began?

I decided to give it a go and make some cookies for my daughter’s 8th Birthday and they were a huge hit.

A friend then ordered a couple of gift boxes as gifts and she convinced me to start a little business out of it.


2. What has starting and running your own business meant to you personally?

It has been quite a nice confidence boost that I needed. Especially when I receive the positive feedback and return customers. I can work my time around kids and work and my busy lifestyle.

3. You recently got a new edible ink printer; what motivated this decision?

I really wanted to expand my product range and have a little point of difference, as well as being able to provide a more personalised cookie to corporate customers.

4. How was the setup process, and do you have any tips or hacks to make it smoother?

The set up and new printer and products are amazing and the customer service I received even better.

5. How has the addition of an edible ink printer positively impacted your business?

I have been able to add a different product to my range as well as gaining more corporate clients also which has been amazing.

6. Which creations are you most excited to print with your new edible ink printer?

I get excited to create any custom logo design. I really enjoy it and enjoy seeing the finished product.

7. Can you share some of your pro tips for printing and applying edible images effectively?

Make sure the glue is applied all the way to the edge to ensure the entire image sticks but also not applying too much as it can make the image bleed. Also remembering to remove any air bubbles that might appear.

8. We're curious, what cake creation inspires you the most and why is it your favourite to work on?

I love creating for kids birthday, or being given a theme and I can create whatever I like to suit the theme.


9. Self-care is crucial! How do you ensure you take care of yourself while running your business?

In between creating cookies, working, 3 kids and running our building company I do train at the gym 3-4 times a week as well as a sneaky coffee date with my husband whenever we can.

10. What career achievement are you most proud of, and why does it hold a special place in your heart?

I was always filled with self doubt and the thought of embarrassment if I didn’t succeed. I am proud of myself for throwing that all to the wind and going for it. I really do enjoy seeing the end result.