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So, your edible ink printer is not printing colours correctly?There are a number of reasons why this may be happening. Below we have designed an easy to use "go-to" diagram that will lead you through trouble-shooting steps to help solve your printing colour issue.Firstly, it's important to note that printing with edible ink on edible icing sheets is very different to printing with normal ink on regular paper. Sometimes a perfect match between the… Read more
If you’re after superior quality oil-based food colour, look no further! Chocolate Chameleon by Sweet Colour Lab come in 11 core colours*, granting you the potential to produce hundreds of vibrant, beautiful colours. Use them with your candy melts, chocolate, buttercreams, ganache, and chocolate-based drips as well as in modelling chocolate to create the perfect hue. The most brilliant part (apart from the vibrant colours of course) is… Read more
Getting the right colour repeatedly or as a one-off special request in your sweet treats can be hit and miss and frustrating, to say the least. Sweet Colour Lab, the creators of Artisan Accents Gel Colors, recognised this and set about simplifying the colouring of Fondant, Royal Icing, Cake Batter, Buttercream, Marzipan, Macarons, Cookie Dough, Meringue and more! @twinky_cakes Here at Edible Image Supplies, we love the Sweet Colour Lab… Read more
Edible Ink Printers can be an exciting and valuable addition to your sweet making business. They do, however, require regular maintenance and patience to troubleshoot any issues should they arise. With this in mind, we urge you to consider this before purchasing your edible ink printer. At Edible Image Supplies, we offer comprehensive online assistance via our FAQ’s, blogs and Edible Insights manuals. These should always be your first… Read more
Roller cleaning is part of your regular edible printing maintenance. If the paper feed rollers in your edible ink printer are dirty - have icing sheet residue, ink or paper powder is attached to them - your icing sheets may not feed properly, or you may notice marks on your icing sheets. If this is the case, you will need to clean your printer’s paper feed rollers. If feeding seems to be the issue, firstly check out our blog My Edible Icing… Read more
Just like regular ink printers, Edible Ink Printers can be temperamental sometimes, especially if a regular  maintenance schedule is not applied. And let’s face it, life is busy and crazy and regular printer maintenance isn’t always at the top of the priority list - it's ok, we get it.  One issue that can occur for whatever reason is that your printer just suddenly decides to stop feeding your  edible icing sheets. If this… Read more
Are you new to the world of edible images or cake decorating in general and finding your edible images look wet or are bleeding once they are applied to your cakes? Fear not, there are some simple ways to prevent this from happening and ensuring your masterpiece looks fabulous! Edible icing sheets are extremely versatile as they can be easily applied to most icing finishes including buttercream, fondant, royal icing, marzipan, ice cream a… Read more
Pre-Cut Edible Icing sheets are not for the faint-hearted! They can be a bit tricky to get lined up, but after a bit of practice, you’ll be wishing you’d started using them sooner. To get the best results test printing will be required. We strongly recommend you use normal A4 paper then overlay it on the pre-cut edible icing sheets so as not to waste icing sheets. To help you along, templates for printing onto Edible Image Supplies pr… Read more

26th Feb 2022

Edible wafer paper is incredibly versatile and fun to work with. It can be used in so many ways for decorating your cakes, cookies, desserts and other food treats. Using edible inks it can be drawn on, printed on, painted on and coloured. It can be cut, paper punched, torn, feathered, folded and curled to create soft or geometric decorations for your creations. So what is edible wafer paper? Wafer paper generally is made of dehydrated pot… Read more
As the name suggests, Wonder Transfer Sheets are “wonderful”. Their versatility means that you can now use the one type of edible transfer sheet to decorate your chocolate, isomalt and meringue creations. They pretty much can be used with any edible medium that starts out warm and sets to be solid - so let’s add gelatin and marshmallow to that list! The heat from the decorating medium cools on the transfer sheet and pulls just the im… Read more