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Posted by Nicole Tait on 25th Jan 2025

So, your edible ink printer is not printing colours correctly?There are a number of reasons why this may be happening. Below we have designed an easy to use "go-to" diagram that will lead you through trouble-shooting steps to help solve your printing colour issue.Firstly, it's important to note that printing with edible ink on edible icing sheets is very different to printing with normal ink on regular paper. Sometimes a perfect match between the… Read more
Are you looking to elevate your cookie or cake creations to the next level? Stencils, edible lustres, glitters and powdered paints can help get you there. To get the most from these cake and cookie decorating mediums you should be looking to incorporate an Alcohol-Free Activator - such as Sweets Sticks Stencil Activator! This revolutionary product is a game-changer for religious, vegan, and conscious bakers, as well as stencil artists,… Read more
Are you ready to take your dessert game to the next level? Stencil art is the secret weapon of professional bakers, allowing you to create stunning designs with ease. Whether you're decorating cakes, cookies, or cupcakes, stencils are versatile tools that can add intricate details and beautiful patterns to your creations. In this guide, we'll walk you through how to use stencils for cake/cookie decorating on fondant and buttercream icing, as well… Read more
A happy printer is a well maintained one. Regular maintenance will ensure you spend less time troubleshooting when you have an urgent job to print. The printhead clean is performed as part of the regular edible printer maintenance routine or whenever a nozzle check indicates it is necessary. If the printhead does require cleaning the printed nozzle check will not look like the one displayed on the screen.STEP 1 | Remove the printheadOpen the… Read more
Are you looking for a delightful and creative way to keep your kids entertained? Well, look no further! Our DIY Decorator's Delight Bundle adds a dash of excitement and fun to every special occasion, from Halloween and Christmas to Easter and birthdays, and even Mother's Day and Father's Day! Each bundle contains: Edible Ink Marker Pens and Pre-Cut Round 2.5” Icing Sheets.  Let the Creativity FlowThe kids can unleash their inner artist… Read more
The  Printed Chocolate Transfer Sheets are a simple, easy-to-use way to give your chocolates and sweet treats a professional, stylish finish. They can be used by beginners and professionals alike with minimal equipment required to achieve a great look. There are so many uses for Printed Chocolate Transfer Sheets you'll be questioning why you have not used them sooner. First up, a bit about Printed Chocolate Transfer Sheets. As with… Read more

Posted by Tanya Montgomery on 28th Sep 2023

So, you’ve read our article - “Black Dots On Your Icing Sheets? Eek!!”, and still, the dots are there?Let's dive in deeper to sort this issue out. But first, a quick recap:Why are the dots there?The small pin wheel rollers in your printer are rolling right through your ink and spreading it over the rest of your page because ink on icing sheets takes a little longer to dry, especially if – the weather is humid or you have lots of ink in… Read more

Posted by Nicole Tait on 6th Sep 2023

Are you a baking enthusiast who loves working with white white chocolate? If so, you've probably noticed that achieving that perfect, pure white shade in your white creations can be a bit challenging. White chocolate often leans towards an ivory hue, which might not always match the aesthetic you're going for. But fear not, because we have a solution that will transform your white chocolate “white” game.Unveiling the Magic WhiteHave you ever wond… Read more
Edible printing is a captivating way to transform sweet treats into edible masterpieces, allowing you to add intricate designs, personal touches, and vibrant colours to your creations. However, it's important to understand that the process of edible printing comes with its own unique characteristics and challenges that can impact the final appearance of your printed images.Edible Printing on Icing Sheets vs. Regular PaperPrinting with edible ink… Read more

Posted by Nicole Tait on 9th Jul 2023

Have you ever wondered why your cupcake liners tend to peel? It's a common frustration that many bakers face. From poor quality liners to runny batters and improper storage, several factors can contribute to this issue. But fear not, because we have the solution to your peeling liner woes - More Cuppies!The Problem:One of the main culprits behind peeling cupcake liners is their quality. Low-grade liners can't withstand the moisture and heat… Read more