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​Why You Need an Alcohol-Free Activator For Lustres, Glitter & Stencils

​Why You Need an Alcohol-Free Activator For Lustres, Glitter & Stencils

Posted by Nicole Tait on 2nd May 2024

Are you looking to elevate your cookie or cake creations to the next level? Stencils, edible lustres, glitters and powdered paints can help get you there. To get the most from these cake and cookie decorating mediums you should be looking to incorporate an Alcohol-Free Activator - such as Sweets Sticks Stencil Activator! This revolutionary product is a game-changer for religious, vegan, and conscious bakers, as well as stencil artists, whilst also providing a versatile solution to transform paint powders & lustre dusts into pure paint.

Why choose an Alcohol-Free Activator such as Sweet Sticks? Not only is it alcohol-free, making it perfect for those with specific dietary or religious requirements, but it also boasts vegan-friendly ingredients. Say goodbye to concerns about alcohol content and hello to a product that paints on almost all mediums, drying completely rub-free. Whether you're decorating cakes, cookies, cake pops or cakesicles, rest assured that your finished products will remain flawless, even in packaging.

So, how do you use a product such as Sweet Sticks Alcohol-Free Activator?

Create paint by combining our Alcohol-Free Activator with lustre:

  1. Place the desired amount of lustre into your palette and add the alcohol-free activator.
  2. Mix until it reaches a paint-like consistency.
  3. Apply to desired surface.

This technique is ideal for small surfaces like raised fondant cookies and intricate details, and it performs excellently on chilled Swiss meringue buttercream.

Note: This combination is not suitable for use on chocolate.

When working on large surfaces, follow these instructions:

1. Dip your brush into the activator and apply a thin layer onto the surface. Less is more!

2. Using a Lustre Brush, apply lustre onto the wet area.

3. Once covered, use a dry Lustre Brush to brush away any excess lustre.

For stencil art:

1. Dip your brush into the alcohol-free activator and apply a thin layer onto the surface.

2. Securely hold the stencil in place as you brush the activator over the top.

3. Dab your lustre over the stencil with a dry brush and brush away any loose dust.

4. Slowly remove the stencil to reveal your masterpiece!

The alcohol-free activator dries to the touch, ensuring a rub-free finish, unlike rose spirit. Now, you can confidently package your cookies, cake pops and cakesicles without concern for lustre smudging onto the cello bags.

Go ahead, add this fantastic and versatile Activator to your tool box today!

Images source from @sweetsticksau