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Cake Crumbs in Review - 2023 EIS Customer Features

Cake Crumbs in Review - 2023 EIS Customer Features

Posted by Nicole Tait on 17th Jan 2024

Step into the world of sweet creativity as we look back at 2023 by showcasing our amazing customers who took part in our Cake Crumbs blog features. Join us in thanking these incredible individuals for sharing their journey into the world of edible image masterpieces!

Meet our featured customers of 2023:

Alicia Chapman, the mastermind behind Little Cocoa, who transforms premium chocolates into visual wonders.

“I love it when customers come to me and ask if I can somehow incorporate their brand/message/industry/graphics into the chocolate, typically I will suggest doing a print transfer as it yields great results.”


Suzanne Ellul, founder of The Cookie Spot, shares her wisdom on applying edible images to cookies with a less-is-more approach.

“With more detailed pictures and logos, edible images are the way to go. I do a lot of corporates and the edible images look super professional.”


Ashleigh Black of Tasty Typography uses edible images to elevate her artistic touch, proving that creativity knows no bounds.

“I love using edible images on biscuits (instead of embossers etc). And setting them on fondant then using them as cake toppers/froppers (front-topper) etc.”


Tralisa from Sweet Freedom Bakehouse reigns as the queen of vibrant vegan cake toppers.

“It all starts with the quality of your digital images. High resolution images are best and will give you a clear and sharp printed image.

Also, "Follow the recommended edible printer maintenance schedule (turn on/off daily, weekly test print, etc) and you'll have a happy printer.” And, “Don’t forget to keep an eye on your ink levels so your cartridges don't run dry.”


Lana Blackmore, the creative force behind Norty Nom Noms, brings edible image cookies to life with finesse.

“Being able to use edible images on my cookies & having the ability to print them in house has opened up so many doors for me!”

For application, “I use a craft punch to cut the images to size & I had a custom cookie cutter made to the same size. I roll my fondant slightly thicker, apply the cut images & then lightly roll over them again to "stick" them to the fondant. I then cut the fondant with the cookie cutter & apply the whole thing to a cookie as per normal.”


 Yuanita Gondoerjo's creations at SweetSavory redefine artistry

“Just make sure you use the icing sheet effectively. Meaning, that A4 paper can do several pictures within the frame. Manage it well before printing it.”

Also, “You have to be able to know the weather / room temperature as well, as edible images quality sometimes affected by them.”


Natalie Costaras from Cake Art of Sydney showcases the rewarding outcomes of bold moves in cake decorating.

“I always use clear piping gel brushed thinly but 100 % coverage onto a thin piece of rolled out fondant before placing the edible printed image on top. I find it’s a lot better at preventing air bubbles than using water! It also allows you to slightly slide/move the image if you didn’t place it completely straight etc, whereas water sticks the print in place immediately.”

Emma O'Hanrahan of Cakes by Emma not only crafts stunning cakes but also shares her creative process through captivating videos.

“I love using edible images on my cake especially for logos. I do a lot of Guinness cakes and football teams so for me to try and make the logos out of fondant would be a disaster!! It also means I can take on more corporate orders for cupcakes with a company logo. I also do a lot of cakes with baby photos on them which are so cute.”

A tip from Emma, Make sure the image itself is of a good quality and that your ink is full.”


Thank you to everyone who contributed to our blog this year! We’d love to share more stories in 2024.

Whether you’re just starting out, or a veteran creator, we’d love to hear from you. Don't be shy! Simply DM or email us to learn more.

Together, let's give your business or hobby the spotlight it deserves!

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