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Posted by Nicole Tait on 15th Nov 2023

In this edition of Cake Crumbs, we spotlight the incredibly talented Natalie Costaras from Cake Art of Sydney. Her journey is nothing short of remarkable—she not only switched careers to become a skilled cake decorator but also crossed continents in pursuit of her passion. Natalie's story is a testament to the art of taking risks and embracing reinvention, showcasing the rewarding outcomes that follow such bold moves.1. Can you tell us about… Read more

Posted by Nicole Tait on 12th Oct 2023

Stunning doesn't quite capture the sheer artistry that defines Yuanita Gondoerjo's creations at SweetSavory. Yuanita is the creative genius behind SweetSavory's breathtaking cakes, with her husband managing the business side of things. Looks like they make a "sweet" team!1. Can you tell us about the moment you first realised you wanted to start your own cake business?One of my hobbies is baking cakes. Also, I have a skill that not many peopl… Read more

Posted by Nicole Tait on 11th Sep 2023

Meet Lana Blackmore, the creative force behind Norty Nom Noms, where vibrant edible image cookies come to life. Lana's entrepreneurial journey ignited during the pandemic, providing her with the perfect creative outlet while working from home. Despite initial self-doubt and pricing challenges, Lana's determination to improve with each order has been her driving force, transforming her venture into a personal triumph.1. Can you tell us about… Read more
With creativity at the heart of all her endeavours, it's no surprise that Tralisa Thornburn fused her talents into baking, giving rise to Sweet Freedom Bakehouse. Tralisa adeptly perfected her vegan cakes to align with the taste and appearance of traditional favourites, having identified a distinct gap in the market. She also reigns as the queen of lively and vibrant edible image cake toppers!1. Can you tell us about the moment you first rea… Read more

Posted by Nicole Tait on 29th Jun 2023

Ashleigh Black from Tasty Typography claims that edible images help her to disguise the fact that she is "not an artist". We reckon she's being pretty modest about her skill level, to be honest. Although edible images are an integral part of her business, it appears to us that they simply enhance her existing creativity and talent.1. Can you tell us about the moment you first realised you wanted to start your own edible image and cake b… Read more

Posted by Nicole Tait on 7th Jun 2023

Once upon a lockdown in Australia, new businesses delightfully sprouted, each with its own unique tale. Among them, Suzanne Ellul embraced her entrepreneurial spirit and birthed The Cookie Spot—offering delectable cookies and custom made edible images. Suzanne's venture outlasted the lockdown to become a business that fulfils her needs and delights her customer's taste buds.1. Can you tell us about the moment you first realised you wanted to… Read more

Posted by Nicole Tait on 15th Mar 2023

Alicia Chapman is a professional chef with a passion for creating unique and delicious chocolates. A stint in Germany sparked her inspiration to delve into the art of producing premium chocolates, ultimately leading her to start her own venture, Little Cocoa. With her devotion to creating bespoke premium chocolates, Alicia has successfully established her brand, creating visually stunning artisanal chocolates that have captured the hearts (a… Read more

Posted by Nicole Tait on 2nd Dec 2022

Emma Head realised she wanted to both make people feel good and run her own business. And, that is exactly what she does on the daily with her successful online cookie gifting business, Sweet Mickie. The business has grown to operate out of a commercial kitchen and warehouse space, with a team of cookie helpers to run the daily operations. As stated in their website intro, "Sweet Mickie is a business founded in Emma's love for usin… Read more

Posted by Nicole Tait on 2nd Nov 2022

A passion for creativity and a neighbour's word-of-mouth referrals soon saw Sumaira Rahim starting a cake business she'd not previously foreseen as part of her life. Now she is full swing with her business Obsession The Cake Hub, delighting her customers with her beautiful creations.How did your sweet journey begin?Starting a cake business was never planned. But yes, I have always loved baking and decorating and… Read more

Posted by Nicole Tait on 10th Oct 2022

Katy Mewett spotted a nice little hole in her local market for edible images and decided to try her hand at producing them as a hobby-come-side-hustle. Fast forward and Katy's Can Top It - Edible Images is now her main gig, supplying to local businesses and home cakers.1. How did your small business or journey begin?I saw online an ad selling EIS products. So, I investigated it around my location and discovered no on… Read more