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Each month we feature one of our talented customers and share with you their story and tasty tips. Our featured caker this month, Leanne from Sweet Lucy, is a wonderful example of someone who discovered her true passion, developed her skills and then made it into a business she truly loves. If thats not impressive enough she did it all whilst raising triplets plus 3! Read on.... 1. How did your baking/caking journey begin? If I showed yo… Read more
Each month we feature one of our talented customers and share with you their story and tasty tips. This month our featured customer creates cakes of a different kind. Kylene from Smashcake, designs and produces wonderfully fun chocolate pinata smashcakes, chockers full of scrumptious lollies. In the famous words of Veruca Salt, we say, "give it to me now!".1. How did your smashcake journey begin?Smashcake came to life in 2009 when a friend gifted… Read more
Each month we feature one of our talented customers and share with you their story and tasty tips. Our featured caker this month specialises in smaller party treats, all beautifully presented and incredibly enticing. Shirine from Sugar Sweet Ramdomz openly admits to being a tad obsessed with "cake pops". We reckon her clients are pretty happy about this too. Shirine uses edible images to decorate her cake pops, cookies, she also sells c… Read more
We are thrilled to be featuring one of our international customers this month. Located in the beautiful Polynesian Kingdom of Tonga, Vortex Cakes is making a name for themselves with their custom designed cakes featuring edible images. Lucinda Cocker is the driving force behind the business. A business born from love, her vast array of cakes for all occasions are now in high demand locally.1. How did your cake/sweets/business journey begin?O… Read more
1. How did your cake/sweets/business journey begin?I suppose my journey really began just after I had my first child Owen, 7 years ago. It was my mum's 70th birthday two weeks later and I decided to have a go at making her birthday cake. I made her a fondant covered cake of a pond with frogs (very random). It was the first time I had used fondant and I really enjoyed being creative. Since then I always offered to make cakes for friends kids birth… Read more
Stunning artisan chocolates and cakes in a constant array of new and unique flavours is what you can expect from Bakedown Cakery. The creative and very talented Jen Lo is the steam powering this gorgeous and delicious business. Jen's attention to detail and eye for style shines through with everything she creates. Here's a little about Jen's sweet story and some wonderfully honest and open insight into coping with the highs and lows of small… Read more
Self-confessed workaholic Beck Hemmingway's fond childhood memories of baking with her Grandma, along with a contented first baby saw her love for baking morph into a successful cake business of her own Caked By Beck. Here Beck shares with us her story and how she manages to keep her workaholic self in check.1. How did your cake/sweets/business journey begin?I grew up on a rural property and my Grandma lived on the same grounds... I spent a… Read more
For over 65 years Mezzapica Cakes have been delighting Sydneysiders with their traditional continental cakes and biscuits. Recognising the constantly growing popularity of custom designed and specialty cakes, Mezzapica have continually expanded their range of products and services to grow with the market, whilst also maintaining their high quality traditional Italian dessert selection. Here Andre Portelli of Mezzapcia Cakes gives us a little… Read more
Something a little different this month for our featured customer. Pascal Menezes from The Red Balloon Candy Artsian - master candy craftsman, reveals a little about how he became a "candy artisan". The sweet making process in this traditional candy making business is truly fascinating and the sweets they hand craft clearly evoke shear joy and happiness.1. How did your sweets/business journey begin?I managed to be in the right place at the right… Read more
Tanja Kober (left in cover pic) of Choice Cakes is continuing her family's passion to supply cakes and cake decorating supplies to the folk of Melbourne. With the help of a great team, including talented cake decorator Steph (right in cover pic), Choice Cakes continue to supply, teach and inspire cake makers as well as create custom cakes for their own customers.1. How did your cake/sweets/business journey begin?Choice cakes celebrated its 2… Read more