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It was a love of cookie making for special occasions and, a strong bond with her Greek heritage, that found Rebeckah Bakouris from Becky's Biskoto transforming her hobby into a home-based business. Rebeckah's skills as a trained graphic designer are also proving to be a handy asset for her edible image designs. 1. How did your sweets business or journey begin? I am the person in the family who baked cookies for every occasion - E… Read more
Like many of our customers, Teresa Talesvki realised her hidden talent and passion for baking, specifically cookie making, once her own children arrived. The first birthday cookie boxes to celebrate her son very quickly morphed into her own cookie business Cookies All Round. Teresa has not looked back since. 1. How did your sweets business or journey begin? It all started unintentionally in 2016, my son was turning one and we decided… Read more
A picture is worth a thousand words, especially if that picture is edible and topping a delicious cookie! Photo cookies & edible image cookies are a perfect option for almost any occasion, and with easy to use edible ink printers readily available they can be produced with ease!Edible ink printers allow you to reproduce any photo, design or theme that you desire onto edible icing sheets. They produce perfect decorative toppers for shortb… Read more