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Cake Crumbs: Teresa from Sugar Theory PI's New Edible Ink Printer Experience.

Cake Crumbs: Teresa from Sugar Theory PI's New Edible Ink Printer Experience.

Posted by Nicole Tait on 11th Mar 2024

Introducing something unique for our "Cake Crumbs" feature! Meet Teresa Mariani from Sugar Theory PI, a new member of our customer community, who recently embarked on an exciting journey by investing in her very first Edible Ink Printer System. We caught up with Teresa to learn about her decision-making process behind this investment and how the initial setup was for her.

Teresa's passion for baking began as a hobby, but as demand grew, she recognised the opportunity to turn her passion into a profession. After obtaining her registration, Teresa wasted no time diving headfirst into her cake-making venture.

"I've already received numerous requests for cakes featuring edible images," Teresa shares. "Having my own edible ink printer gives me the confidence to take on these orders, knowing I can promptly deliver exactly what my clients envision."

1. What motivated you to purchase an edible ink printer?

I just registered my home baking business on Philip Island, Victoria. Sourcing edible prints elsewhere was unreliable, as I’m quite remote. Now I can control custom orders and be confident in the quality of the edible images.

Edible Image Supplies came highly recommended. They had everything needed to make sure set up went well.

I bought the A3 printer system, so I could do cake wraps and larger prints. It offered me greater versatility.

2. What fabulous creations are you most excited to print with your new edible ink printer?

I’d like to look at big florals and trimming them up to do 3D effects on cakes. I’m really keen to do a lot of 3D type effects using edible images.

I already have had a lot of enquiries for personalised edible photos on cakes. I’m excited to be able to offer exactly what the customer asks for. Popular images for kids’ cakes are also something I get asked for regularly.

Now, I can control the quality and consistency of my edible images.

Having my own edible printer system means I no longer have to turn down jobs because can’t get supplies in time. It’s given me the confidence that I can accept jobs without fear of supplies not showing up in time or being inferior quality.

3. Did you have any "oops" moments, initial challenges or funny stories while setting up your printer?

No, I found it pretty straight forward. It was just like setting up a normal printer. I’m being mindful to run the printer at least once a week to keep it in good running condition.

I had ordered the wrong cleaning set and the team at Edible Image Supplies sorted that ASAP.

4. How did you choose your printer model? Was it based on recommendations, features, or something else?

I chose the A3 edible printer system for flexibility for jobs. I asked other bakers and online cake decorating groups who had printers and who they used for supplies. Edible Image Supplies came most highly recommended.

5. What resources or sources of information did you find most helpful during the setup process of your edible ink printer?

I probably winged it a bit. But it is also all well explained on the website and I felt comfortable in the knowledge that I could call if I got stuck. It’s nice dealing with a company that is Australian based and easy to get in touch with.

6. Any tips or hacks you discovered during setup that made the process smoother?

Not currently. I’ll let you know if I discover any along the way.

7. Have you surprised anyone with edible prints yet? Any memorable reactions?

Yes! I was able to make some special cupcakes for someone at home with covid - they cheered her up. I printed out cute covid characters as toppers on the cupcakes. It was nice to be able to do it on the spot and she was so thrilled.

8. Looking back what advice would you give to someone who is keen to purchase an edible ink printer for the first time?

Absolutely do it if you are consistently doing orders requiring edible images! Buy the best you can afford; it will be paid back in your ability to offer a broader range to your customers. It elevates your orders. You are easily able to personalise each order to suit customers’ needs and make it special.