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How to Cut Edible Images: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Cut Edible Images: A Comprehensive Guide

Posted by Nicole Tait on 9th Jul 2024

Cutting edible images is a crucial skill for cake decorators and bakers who want to add a personalised touch to their creations. Whether you're making a custom birthday cake, wedding cake, or any other sweet creation, precise cutting ensures that your edible images look professional and enhance your overall design. Here’s a step-by-step guide to cutting edible images using various tools and products.

Using the Edible Image Supplies Icing Cutter Pro

The Edible Image Supplies Icing Cutter Pro is an excellent tool for achieving perfect round circles every time. This cutter has a patented, easy push-rotate design that simplifies the process.

How to Use:

1. Adjust the diameter and blade length according to your needs.

2. Place the Icing Cutter Pro onto your icing sheet.

3. Ensure all 3 corners are level

4. Line up the centre of circle on the Icing Cutter Pro to the centre of the circle you are cutting or;

5. Line up the circles of the Icing Cutter Pro with the outline of the circle you are cutting

6. Turn the rotator to form perfect circles.

The Icing Cutter Pro can cut rounds from 1" (2.4 cm) to 6" (15.3 cm) in diameter, providing a wide range of circle sizes to fit your creative needs. Click here for a helpful article on how to use the Icing Cutter Pro.

Stainless Steel Cookie Cutters

Our high-quality Stainless Steel Round Cutter Set includes 12 cutters with varying diameters, from 4.4 inches to 1 inch. These cutters come with their own storage tin to minimise kitchen clutter.

Perfect For:

- Cutting cookies, fondant, and edible icing sheets.

- Adding uniform shapes to your cakes and cookies.

TIP: adhere your edible image to fondant backing, then use the desired sized cookie cutter to cut through both.

Using a Craft Knife

The Edible Image Supplies 8mm Aluminium Craft Knife (scalpel) is perfect for precision cutting around your printed edible images.

How to Use:

1. Carefully cut around the printed image with the sharp blade and fine tip.

2. Ensure clean and accurate cuts to make the edible image a standout feature on your cake.

This tool can also be used for cutting fondant, adding versatility to your toolkit.

Self-Healing Mat

Our Edible Image Supplies food-safe Self-Healing Cutting Mat protects your work surface and prolongs the life of your Icing Cutter Pro and Craft Knife blades.

Mat Details:

- A3 size (30 cm x 45 cm x 0.3 mm thick).

- Printed in centimetres on one side and inches on the other.

This mat is ideal for cutting icing sheets and wafer paper with precision and ease.


A reliable pair of scissors is indispensable for trimming and cutting odd shapes from your edible images. They are handy for quick adjustments and fine-tuning your designs.

TIP: ensure your scissor are dedicated “food only” and clean after each use.

Cricut Machine

A Cricut machine can elevate your edible image cutting to the next level by handling intricate designs and shapes with ease.

Follow Cricut instructions to achieve the perfect cut.

Pre-Cut Edible Icing Sheets

For those who prefer a time-saving option, Pre-Cut Edible Icing Sheets are an excellent choice. These A4 sheets have stamped circles cut into them, making it easy to peel off the backing sheet and apply directly.


- Perfect for large batch orders.

- Made from the same ingredients and thickness as standard A4 edible icing sheets.

- Available in a variety of round sizes

Although they can be tricky to line up initially, with practice, they become a highly efficient option.

Cutting edible images accurately can significantly enhance the appearance of your cakes and baked goods. Whether you’re using the versatile Icing Cutter Pro, a set of stainless steel cutters, a precision craft knife or the convenience of pre-cut icing sheets, each tool offers unique benefits. By incorporating these tools into your decorating arsenal, you can achieve professional results and impress your clients or loved ones with beautifully decorated treats.

For more information and to explore our range of products, visit our Edible Image Supplies website.

Happy decorating!

Cover photo: Cakes By Emma.