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Tips for Printing Pre-Cut Edible Icing sheets

Tips for Printing Pre-Cut Edible Icing sheets

26th Feb 2022

Pre-Cut Edible Icing sheets are not for the faint-hearted! They can be a bit tricky to get lined up, but after a bit of practice, you’ll be wishing you’d started using them sooner.

To get the best results test printing will be required. We strongly recommend you use normal A4 paper then overlay it on the pre-cut edible icing sheets so as not to waste icing sheets.

To help you along, templates for printing onto Edible Image Supplies pre-cut edible icing sheets can be found in our Icing Artist software.

Icing Artist has an extensive and easy to follow HELP function, containing step by step instructions on how to create a custom template, use an EIS template and print the EIS templates.

Even if you are not using the Icing Artist software we recommend that you refer to the Icing Artist HELP on how to print the EIS templates, as it contains handy tips such as using a borderless print setting to line up the pre-cuts.

Some other very handy tips when printing on pre-cut icing sheets:

  • When you use the EIS template the bottom of the icing sheet is assumed to be the plastic strip end.
  • When creating your own templates you can 'spill' your images over the edges of the circle (so make the circles larger than the pre-cut diameter) to ensure the image fills the entire circle when it's printed rather than trying to obtain an absolutely perfect fit.
  • To ensure a consistent feed through the edible ink printer, as the plastic is slippery for the rollers to grip, attach a piece of normal A4 paper to the back of your icing sheet (the plastic side).
  • Due to the fact that all printers feed slightly differently, the EIS template may need to be modified depending on how your printer feeds and where your circles are printing (always test on plain paper first).

Pre-cut Edible Icing Sheets can be a real time-saver, especially for large batch orders. However, if pre-cut icing sheets are not your thing, then you can simply use our A4 or A3 sheets and cut out your circle images using our Edible Image Supplies Icing Cutter.