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Edible Ink Printers can be an exciting and valuable addition to your sweet making business. They do, however, require regular maintenance and patience to troubleshoot any issues should they arise. With this in mind, we urge you to consider this before purchasing your edible ink printer. At Edible Image Supplies, we offer comprehensive online assistance via our FAQ’s, blogs and Edible Insights manuals. These should always be your first… Read more
We’ve recently changed the printer model in our Edible Image Supplies A4 edible printing system. We’re sticking with Canon, because, well….we believe it is the best printer brand currently available for edible printing. But, as we all know technology supersedes itself more quickly than we change toothbrushes (some of us anyway), so we are regularly reviewing new models and the best fit for our business. Apart from all the regular stu… Read more
In an ideal world, regular maintenance and sticking within the recommended guidelines as set out in our Edible Insights Manual definitely increases your chances of continued trouble-free printing. However, we also understand that life is busy and things like printer maintenance get pushed aside. If you do experience an issue with your edible printing, chances are it will have something to do with your ink cartridges and can be easily re… Read more
Looking for some clarity (pun intended) around edible inks? Here’s a few things we know. There are two main kinds of edible ink. First, there is the edible ink that is used freehand and can be found in edible ink markers, paints and even used for airbrushing. Second, and our main focus in this article, is the ink used for edible ink printing. This ink is decanted into food safe edible ink cartridges which work just like regular ink cartrid… Read more
As many cake decorators and treat makers have already discovered the benefits of adding edible images to their cache of sweet creations are numerous. Edible images allow you to customise designs quickly and professionally for private and corporate clients. They save time, allow quick turn arounds, large production runs and can make for more affordable options for your customers. Edible images are easy to produce and use, so are great for be… Read more