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From her passion for baking as a child Paige Beriman, Sweet Spot Cakery, honed and developed her sweet making skills into a full-time profession that provided her with the income and flexibility she needed as a sole parent.1. How did your sweets business or journey begin?I have been baking since I was about 8 years old and making cakes for friends and family for years. I am totally self-taught which has been an adventure. Being the sole parent of… Read more
Roller cleaning is part of your regular edible printing maintenance. If the paper feed rollers in your edible ink printer are dirty - have icing sheet residue, ink or paper powder is attached to them - your icing sheets may not feed properly, or you may notice marks on your icing sheets. If this is the case, you will need to clean your printer’s paper feed rollers. If feeding seems to be the issue, firstly check out our blog My Edible Icing… Read more
Just like regular ink printers, Edible Ink Printers can be temperamental sometimes, especially if a regular  maintenance schedule is not applied. And let’s face it, life is busy and crazy and regular printer maintenance isn’t always at the top of the priority list - it's ok, we get it.  One issue that can occur for whatever reason is that your printer just suddenly decides to stop feeding your  edible icing sheets. If this… Read more
Are you new to the world of edible images or cake decorating in general and finding your edible images look wet or are bleeding once they are applied to your cakes? Fear not, there are some simple ways to prevent this from happening and ensuring your masterpiece looks fabulous! Edible icing sheets are extremely versatile as they can be easily applied to most icing finishes including buttercream, fondant, royal icing, marzipan, ice cream a… Read more
We’ve recently changed the printer model in our Edible Image Supplies A4 edible printing system. We’re sticking with Canon, because, well….we believe it is the best printer brand currently available for edible printing. But, as we all know technology supersedes itself more quickly than we change toothbrushes (some of us anyway), so we are regularly reviewing new models and the best fit for our business. Apart from all the regular stu… Read more
Keen to design edible images but you’re no design whiz or computer expert? No problem. We’ve made designing your own creative edible photo and image toppers, decals and wraps super easy with Edible Image Supplies online software program - Icing Artist. Icing Artist is an easy to use, online-based, icing design software program that allows you to design your very own templates and upload your own images to create unique edible… Read more
What a wonderful story of relocation and reinvention! It's not easy starting a business, let alone relocating to a new country and starting a business from scratch. But that's exactly what Coy Salao & her husband did 14 years ago and so emerged their gorgeous cake shop "Cake Lovers". Coy's creations are just wonderful and it's no wonder she soon developed a large gathering of loyal and happy customers. 1. How did your sweets business or… Read more
Yes, you can use regular paper in your Edible Ink Printer! And we highly recommend that you do in order to get to know your printer and to run test prints; by doing so you will save yourself potential frustration and money. Before printing on your edible icing sheets, it is best to first try out your image on plain printer paper in your edible ink printer. This will give you the ability to make changes to the size, colour or qualit… Read more
2020 - what a year! No need to recap all the sordid details, we’re all on the same page with that. What 2020 did bear witness to was so many creatives getting even more creative in an attempt to salvage their businesses, lift lockdown spirits, bring humour and kindness to a bad situation and even curb boredom. Here we’re showcasing 2020 via edible image creations made by some of our very talented customers. Let the creativity beg… Read more

25th Feb 2022

Edible Drink Toppers Expanding your product range to include edible icing sheet drink toppers makes perfect sense when you’re already producing edible images for cakes and sweets. If you have an edible ink printer all you need is some thin icing sheets to produce customised toppers for your corporate and private clients. Edible Image Supplies thin icing sheets deliver the same high-quality print finish achieved with all our icing shee… Read more