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Juggling a teaching job and cake business is not for the faint-hearted, but it seems to have hit the "sweet spot" workwise for Saoirsé Ward from Sift'd. She's quite possibly discovered a pretty good recipe for work-life success and happiness! 1. How did your sweets business or journey begin? Definitely just 'fell' into baking and loved it! I started making fun, random flavoured cupcakes for family and friends at uni (who were my very eager… Read more
As the name suggests, Wonder Transfer Sheets are “wonderful”. Their versatility means that you can now use the one type of edible transfer sheet to decorate your chocolate, isomalt and meringue creations. They pretty much can be used with any edible medium that starts out warm and sets to be solid - so let’s add gelatin and marshmallow to that list! The heat from the decorating medium cools on the transfer sheet and pulls just the im… Read more
Like many working parents, Laura Cerra from Cakes By Laura started her cake business so that she could produce an income whilst working from home and, have flexibility around work and family. When first starting out Laura sought some advice from a mentor - a great idea for any business start-up - some of which she has kindly shared here. Such sound advice! 1. How did your sweets business or journey begin? My sweet journe… Read more
A move to Australia, a gap in the market and two very cute baby boys proved to be the perfect recipe for the birth Rachelle Silvas' business Two Little Cupcakes. 1. How did your sweets business or journey begin? I started making cupcakes when I moved to Australia. There were no yummy cupcakes or cakes available so I started baking my own. It turned into a business after having my 2 boys (my “Two Little Cupcakes”). 2. What has sta… Read more
What do you do to "de-stress"? Well, Elisa Petkovic from  Lise's Cakes and Bakes discovered that baking cakes really helped her to relax. So much so, that it relaxed her into starting her own cake and baking business! With a full-time teaching job, it's pretty neat that Elisa's "relaxing" pastime can also be a fruitful side hustle. 1. How did your sweets business or journey begin? Lise’s Cakes and Bakes began in early 2019 when… Read more
Is your edible ink printer catching at the end of the print and/or overlapping at the bottom of each print? This is frustrating, we know, but it is also easily resolved with a bit of 1, 2, 3 troubleshooting. So here goes: If your  edible ink printer stops just before the bottom of the image and prints over the same spot give this a go: 1. Run the Bottom Plate Cleaning function. Depending on your printer this can be found in… Read more
It was a love of cookie making for special occasions and, a strong bond with her Greek heritage, that found Rebeckah Bakouris from Becky's Biskoto transforming her hobby into a home-based business. Rebeckah's skills as a trained graphic designer are also proving to be a handy asset for her edible image designs. 1. How did your sweets business or journey begin? I am the person in the family who baked cookies for every occasion - E… Read more
YES, yes you will! If you want your edible ink printer to work well every time you use it, maintenance is imperative! Remember also, you're using it for edible products, therefore cleanliness is paramount. The good news is, regular maintenance is simple and if done according to our maintenance schedule detailed below, you should enjoy ongoing trouble-free printing. So, think of your future self, prevent stressful printing delays an… Read more
It was her own engagement cake that sparked the desire within Rosie Gaul from Rosie Cakes to learn the art of cake decorating. It's proved to be a winning endeavour, with Rosie now considering the move to full-time caker! 1. How did your sweets business or journey begin? My husband’s cousin made our engagement cake in 2011. I mentioned that I would love to learn how to do that, so she invited me around one afternoon and we made a… Read more
We’ve recently changed the printer model in our Edible Image Supplies A4 edible printing system. We’re sticking with Canon, because, well….we believe it is the best printer brand currently available for edible printing. But, as we all know technology supersedes itself more quickly than we change toothbrushes (some of us anyway), so we are regularly reviewing new models and the best fit for our business. Apart from all the regular stu… Read more