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A jam-packed life doesn't stop Sara Hinton from Cake Creations by Sara from making the most amazing and delicious cakes and sweet creations. To be honest, we don't know how she does it - we're in awe! 1. How did your sweets business or journey begin? I began work as a qualified chef over 20 years ago, I worked as a pastry chef for many of these years and have always had a love of sweet things. I remember as a child baking with my… Read more
2020 - what a year! No need to recap all the sordid details, we’re all on the same page with that. What 2020 did bear witness to was so many creatives getting even more creative in an attempt to salvage their businesses, lift lockdown spirits, bring humour and kindness to a bad situation and even curb boredom. Here we’re showcasing 2020 via edible image creations made by some of our very talented customers. Let the creativity beg… Read more
Step 1 - make a birthday cake for your child's first birthday. Step 2 - baking and cake decorating becomes a hobby. Step 3 - your hobby becomes an obsession that turns into a great little business. This was the evolution process behind Nicole Lacina's Cake-ohh-lious cake business. Like so many of our customers, the joy of cake creation takes hold and unrealised creativity comes to the surface. Such a delightful way to develop a busin… Read more
It is so satisfying to learn how our customers found their "sweet" career. Many have taken the brave leap from a secure job to starting up a business based on their creative passion. Marina Rositano from Little Dot Chocolate Shop is one of those "leapers". Jumping into a business that brings not only her customers but also Marina great joy and happiness. 1. How did your sweets business or journey begin? Little Dot began in Adelaide in… Read more

25th Feb 2022

Edible Drink Toppers Expanding your product range to include edible icing sheet drink toppers makes perfect sense when you’re already producing edible images for cakes and sweets. If you have an edible ink printer all you need is some thin icing sheets to produce customised toppers for your corporate and private clients. Edible Image Supplies thin icing sheets deliver the same high-quality print finish achieved with all our icing shee… Read more
Through her love of baking, Natasha Harris owner of Suga Mumma Bakes has created a successful online custom cookie box business. Natasha ships her stunning cookie box creations all over Australia, supplying to both corporate and private customers. 1. How did your sweets business or journey begin? Growing up I always had a love for baking, something I learned from my grandparents who live in Germany. My hobby turned into a busin… Read more
It’s the not-so-sexy side of any business however, maintenance of equipment is key to success. Your edible printer is no different, and in many cases, it is a vital component of your business, so it makes sense to treat it well. Here we outline the basics of  edible ink printer maintenance that, if adhered to regularly, will keep your printer, and your jobs, running smoothly. Remember, if you have had a break from print… Read more
It's hard to believe when you see her creations that our feature caker this issue primarily does this as a hobby! Sonya Monterosso from  Fairytale Sweet Sensations, loves the creative side of making sweets of all kinds. She definitely has a huge amount of skill, creativity and passion for her "hobby", which shines through in all of her stunning and delicious creations. 1. How did your cupcake/sweets business journey begin? I alwa… Read more
Dale Jackley, from Jackley's Bakehouse, has quite the tale to tell! His dream of owning his own bakery business came to fruition through a lot of hard work, but at a frightening cost to his health. Fortunately, Dale was able to recover and, also adjust his business to support a healthier work/life balance. 1. How did your sweets business or journey begin? My whole baking journey started 20 years ago as an apprentice baker at Brumby's. A… Read more
A relocation to Tasmania proved to be the perfect time for talented cookie/cake maker Allison Jackson to take her skills to the market and start up her own "sweet" business. Now Ally's Sweet Treats is growing each day and keeping this creative baker super busy. 1. How did your sweets/cake/cookie business or journey begin? I have always enjoyed baking but when I had my children, I started doing their birthday cakes and it just grew from the… Read more