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The cakes that Kim Giusa from Make it Memorable Cakes by Kim creates will blow your mind! Cakes that look like real-life objects with an incredible realism that most of the time people have no idea that they are actually cakes. Kim uses her amazing talent to put some happiness into the lives of children and their families staying at Ronald McDonald house by donating one of her amazing cakes to them every 3 months.     &nb… Read more
In the world of edible ink printing, the Nozzle Check is your key to troubleshooting your printer. We can’t stress this fact enough! Here we have outlined the “why” and “how-to” of nozzle checks. There are also several associated links to other articles that will help you troubleshoot your way through all scenarios. Nozzle up folks - here goes! When should I run a nozzle check on my  edible ink printer, you might ask? The nozzle check… Read more
It’s no secret in the  edible printing world that pinks, purples and reds are the trickiest to match with edible inks, what you see on your computer screen and your normal printer with normal ink and standard paper, is not what you are going to get when you print with edible ink on a very absorbent icing sheet. There are a few steps you can try to optimise results for your colour edible images, which we detail in this article. To this e… Read more
As with any electronics, sometimes edible ink cartridges can be faulty however, more often than not the issue is an incompatible ink cartridge. Here we have created a handy flow chart to help you troubleshoot this ink cartridge issue. It's worth noting, that the best way to limit the potential issue of your ink cartridges not registering in your edible ink printer is to check the number on the chip on the underside of your current cartridges… Read more
The  Printed Chocolate Transfer Sheets are a simple, easy-to-use way to give your chocolates and sweet treats a professional, stylish finish. They can be used by beginners and professionals alike with minimal equipment required to achieve a great look. There are so many uses for Printed Chocolate Transfer Sheets you'll be questioning why you have not used them sooner. First up, a bit about Printed Chocolate Transfer Sheets. As with… Read more
Keen to design edible images but you’re no design whiz or computer expert? No problem. We’ve made designing your own creative edible photo and image toppers, decals and wraps super easy with Edible Image Supplies online software program - Icing Artist. Icing Artist is an easy to use, online-based, icing design software program that allows you to design your very own templates and upload your own images to create unique edible… Read more
What a wonderful story of relocation and reinvention! It's not easy starting a business, let alone relocating to a new country and starting a business from scratch. But that's exactly what Coy Salao & her husband did 14 years ago and so emerged their gorgeous cake shop "Cake Lovers". Coy's creations are just wonderful and it's no wonder she soon developed a large gathering of loyal and happy customers. 1. How did your sweets business or… Read more

26th Feb 2022

Edible ink printing systems are easy to use and make printing clear vibrant edible images achievable for all levels of design and printing experience. With Edible Image Supplies printing systems you have access to comprehensive help and troubleshooting guides along with access to the manufacturer's set-up and help guides. This doesn’t mean you can’t also benefit from tips and extra help pointers we glean along the way and like to reg… Read more
We're constantly amazed by our customers who start their business soon after having a baby! The change in priorities and need to create flexible work hours around family is a clear driver for so many. It certainly was the case for Jo Cummins from Hello & Cookie, New Zealand based custom cookie maker. Jo has created a great business in a short period of time that allows her to enjoy both business and home life. 1. How did your sweets busi… Read more
Yes, you can use regular paper in your Edible Ink Printer! And we highly recommend that you do in order to get to know your printer and to run test prints; by doing so you will save yourself potential frustration and money. Before printing on your edible icing sheets, it is best to first try out your image on plain printer paper in your edible ink printer. This will give you the ability to make changes to the size, colour or qualit… Read more